Parvo Virus – Protect Your Dog

Gina DeLuca

During the last 5 weeks we have seen SEVERAL new puppies brought into the vet hospital per day!!! If you or someone you know has a puppy please educate yourself about this virus. Also, check into pet insurance especially for emergencies! I have seen medical care range from $500 to $3000 on average and there is NO guarantee your puppy will survive because just like every virus it depends on how they respond to treatment.
A friend and LVT made the below post…

PARVO SEASON folks!! Don’t start walking your new puppies and showing them off until they are FULLY VACCINATED. Which is around 4 months of age after around 4 series spread out over 3-4 weeks between each series depending on the age they were initially vaccinated. Have questions? Call a veterinary clinic. Don’t ask google, your breeder, your best friend, your groomer, or tractor supply, etc. Seek people with knowledge and actual credentials for your questions. We love to help and we prefer you call us, don’t think you’re being annoying or silly ❤️🐾 We hate to see you in a few weeks, having to make difficult financial and emotional decisions because you got the wrong advice or were uninformed ✌🏻

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