Co-Founder, Gina DeLuca, Gets Married

5/25/20 – Please wish our co-founder, Gina DeLuca Jenio and her husband, Dave Jenio, many years of happiness. Their wedding celebration had to be postponed due to the virus but they still said their vows in a private ceremony. On their wedding day, many friends, family and neighbors got together to wish them the best during a huge drive by which actually made the local news. Here is Gina and Dave with Skippy, best dog man, and Angel, maid dog of honor. Skippy was rescued after being surrendered. Angel, was dying from Parvovirus when Gina took her in and saved her. Angel has been a blood donor and foster mom for many kittens and puppies. The Jenio’s are a beautiful family. May God Bless Them! – diana982139gin15_3029524900446477_3191884763694628864_n

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