Pecan – Continues to Fight For Her Life

Pecan Update!!!!
This little girl is doing well ♡
Great news is that she might have some vision in her right eye!!!
Time will tell.. The ruptured eye will need to be removed eventually. These animals amaze me..♡ Thank God “4 paws 1 heart” was able to give her a chance by covering her medical care after she was found in very critical condition by a good Samaritan. ♡
Since Christmas Eve Pecan has gained almost 1 pound, her discharge has almost cleared up, her fleas are gone, and her will to live is STRONG. ♡
I’m happy to be a part of her new journey. ♡
I am looking for a home for this special needs kitty. If you are interested in more information please email me. Please share with hopes to help me find her placement.
Ginapecan 12:31:20-- pecan 12:31:20
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