BELLA BEAN – Neglected, Abused, and Underfed; Tested Positive for Heart Worm

9/2/21 – I recently received the following request for help:”My name is Danna. About 4 months ago, as an emergency, I rescued a female pit/terrier in that the couple who had her had neglected, abused, and misfed the dog. I immediately put her on a wait list to be spayed and to get her immediately checked for everything ( 2 years old and never had any shots). Wednesday July 21, she visited the vet, had a successful spay, but comes the bearer of bad news. She is heart worm positive, in a pretty advanced stage (there was no microfilariae, all adult). I would love to give this sweet girl a life she deserves, but my heart breaks knowing that it maybe too far advanced. I have made an appointment with all about animals in Flint, Michigan for August 20th for an initial consultation. Unfortunately, I do not have the funds in order to pay the vet for the treatment, anything will help my sweet BellaBean”.Of course, because of our generous supporters, I was able to say YES and Bella Bean was started on her 30-day pre-treatment. Without the many individuals and businesses who support us we would never be able to help these abused animals. But because of caring people like Danna and our friends, Bella Bean will be given that chance for a life filled with love and care. Please say a prayer for her because heart worm treatment is brutal, especially when dealing with advanced stages. – Diana

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