GUS GUS – Found With a Heart Murmur and Entropion of Both Eyes

9/29/21 – Meet Gus Gus – We were contacted in late August by the Cat Ambassador Rescue requesting assistance to pay for entropion surgery for a very sweet, special needs, 8-month old kitty. He was originally rescued in February, 2021 (along with three siblings and his mother who had already had 10 or 11 litters) from a “filthy” house full of human and animal feces. Gus Gus had horrible eye infections and was on several courses of oral and topical antibiotics but he continued to squint, keeping his eyes totally closed most of the time. The rescue’s vet advised that Gus Gus see a specialist, in that he had a heart murmur, to determine what might be wrong with his eyes. It was there that Gus Gus was diagnosed with entropion of both eyes. I’ve written about this condition several times for both dogs and cats. It is a very painful condition where the eyelashes are growing inward and touching the eye. The surgery was very expensive because Gus Gus was considered a high-risk patient. He was diagnosed with hydrocephalus (water on the brain) and is on several meds to control his seizures. Because of his heart murmur, only specific anesthesia was safe for the vets to use. And, his blood work revealed an extremely high platelet count.Well, the good news is that Gus Gus had his surgery, he’s been without a seizure for five months and is in his furever home with one of his siblings. His eyes are doing great and although some might say that this little guy was ‘a mess’, he was a very sweet ‘mess’ worth saving and deserving of a second chance at life. –

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