MAXIMUS – Found Covered in Blood; Bite Marks on His Face; Taught to Fight

9/28/21 – Maximus was found covered in blood. From the bite marks on his face, it was believed that he was being taught to fight. Part of he ear had been cut off, his tongue was cut and he showed signs of being electrocuted. He also had a hole in the bottom of his jaw. He continues to have seizures from the electrocution and has emotional issues from being tortured. When he was rescued he was very weak, malnourished, and dehydrated. His physical health has been addressed but he suffers from the torture and is definitely fearful of most humans, especially men. And throughout all of this, he, for whatever reason, loves cats. His rescuer has been working with him and will do what is necessary to give him a better quality of life. He will remain with the rescuer and we have committed to taking care of his medical needs. Unfortunately, this is the life of far too many animals used for the sick pleasure and greed of humans. Without your donations, we could not be there for the most vulnerable. Thank You for your continued support. –

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