GYPSY – She Would Have Died After Giving Birth

10/8/21 – Meet Gypsy. The sister of a local VFW Post Commander and 4p1h supporter, contacted us about this very sweet ‘feral’. Her story broke my heart:”Thanks Diana for answering my message. 3 days ago (September 20) she birthed a huge kitten that was clean but dead…and a very small gray one… I protected the area she picked under my bedroom window with some covering and yesterday I made 3 different bedding options for her protection from all the rain. She had brought out the little one and it looked dead…. Last night she stayed in one of the bedding and later brought her dead kitty into the the extra box. I left both sides open but put out an extra box to protect from the north wind …. She sat all night in my chair protecting the box…. She was laying on the bed inside the box before that…. I am allergic but she is wanting to be petted so much… poor little young mama….. I am searching out cat rescues today… Diana”I contacted Diana who thought she had found a rescue but that later fell through. So, I authorized Gypsy’s medical treatment and thank God we were able to get her in quickly. While being spayed the doctor discovered pus in Gypsy’s uterus. The doctor said that Gypsy would have died from this condition within two weeks. Here whole little body would have been septic. As soon as Gypsy heard Diana’s voice she ate and purred. The hospital said that Gypsy was the sweetest ‘feral’ cat they had seen. This baby has been through so much and she now needs a loving home. If you are interested, please contact Diana at: takes a village. Rescuers, Donors, Veterinarians, and Adopters!

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