MAX – Found on the Street, FIV Positive and Entropion in One Eye

11/15/21 – Max was found on the streets with what was thought to be a severe upper respiratory infection. After seeing the doctor, it was determined that he was positive for FIV, needed to be neutered, and actually had entropion (a condition where the eyelashes grow inward and touch the eye thus causing blindness if left untreated) of one eye which would require eye surgery. The finder reports that Max had his surgeries, which include neutering, last Wednesday and did well although the doctor chose to keep him overnight because he had some bleeding in his incision. Max loves to snuggle and the finder will be looking for a loving home for him. Anyone interested should contact Jennifer at: Please remember that FIV should never be a death sentence and cats with FIV have been reported to live safely with other cats for several years. Transmission of FIV is primarily cause by bites where the skin is broken and if all cats in the household are neutered/spayed, attacks of this nature rarely occur. Please remember that any surgeries beyond neuter/spay, can be very costly and it’s only with the financial support of our friends can we improve the quality of life for the many orphans on the streets.

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