MIRACLE and STAMPER – The Rescue Was a Miracle – Update

8/1/21 – Happy Update – Miracle, who was saved from drowning in a drainage pipe, and her brother, Stamper, have been adopted to a woman and her son. They both live in separate homes but often get the siblings together so they don’t forget about each other. Miracle and Stamper’s mom appears to have an eye infection or an upper respiratory infection and was taken to the vet this past weekend; she is doing well, though, after her spay surgery. Also, Brad, our hero, told me that there is another mama with possibly a litter of 4 who have been discovered behind the shop. He thinks that this mama is the sister of Miracle and Stamper’s mom. The night foreman noticed that a few of the kittens’ eyes are “looking bad”. This family has been more illusive but everyone is focused on catching everyone so that we can cover their medical treatment. The shop employees are very dedicated to helping these orphans. – diana4paws1heart.org/donations/

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