MONTY – Rescued While the Family Was at a School Sporting Event in Montana

8/3/21 – Late last week, I received a call from an independent rescuer we’ve helped on several occasions. She had been traveling across the Country for her daughter’s sport event. That is how she met Montana (aka Monty). The following was written and posted by Monty’s rescuer, Shayla Deanne. Monty was taken to one of our friends and the owner of Comfort’s Place (Deborah Friedman) who has an amazing heart and fit Monty into a very full schedule at her veterinary clinic. At this time, the Shayla, Deborah, and a veterinarian at Comfort’s Place are making plans to return to Montana to see what they can do to help these poor animals. – donations Save Lives and Gives those without hope a second chance!!”Location: Redford, MichiganIt’s official…this boy is up for adoption! Meet Montana everyone (Monty for short). For those who don’t already know, Monty came home with us last weekend from Glacier National Park in Montana (hence, his name). He was a stray and wandering from campsite to campsite between two popular campgrounds out there. After speaking with the long-time owner of our campground, we were told that Montana was likely dumped there and that the “game warden had already been called about him” and that he would be “on his way to doggie heaven soon enough”. He went on to explain that there are no animal shelters around and that he likely came from the Native American Reservation up the road. A “Browning Dump Dog” is what he called him. Apparently many strays wander or are dumped into the campgrounds and they are shot, according to the owner. This is their way of controlling the population of stray dogs, and if they chase wildlife up there, they are killed by the game warden in the same manner. I know…horrible. 😪💔 We couldn’t imagine his fate that way, so after a day or so of trying to get him, we finally did. He was scanned for a chip and there was nothing. No collar either…nothing to tell us where Monty may have come from. After asking all around town about where he may have come from, we were met with more dead ends. At that point, we felt okay with bringing him home the day we left the state last week. I did leave my information with several local establishments there, including the campgrounds, in case an owner came looking for him. We’ve heard nothing from anyone.It has been a week and he is simply a fantastic dog! He was a little skittish of people, especially men, reaching out for him (cowered as if he was hit), but he has come to trust us more and more. He is about 2 years old, is heart worm negative, just got all his vaccinations, and is neutered already. He is GREAT with other dogs, kids, doesn’t care about cats, and actually cowered when I tried to see if he had prey drive toward my chinchilla. 😅 He walks very well on a leash and knows some basic commands. His biggest issue is being locked up. He is a little escape artist if he is being confined. He hops fences and will jump and climb on things like a little gazelle. Again, this is only if he is confined which is why he will do best in a home with people who are home or with him most of the time. I’m sure with time, his anxiety could be calmed and he could be crate trained for short increments of time. He is also young and LOVES other dogs and activity. Someone who has an active lifestyle is preferred for this boy. The vet thinks Monty is full grown, but could stand to gain a few pounds (he is only 35 pounds right now.) If you would like to meet Monty or think he may be a good fit for someone you know, please share this post. There is an application process, a home check, and his adoption fee will be $150.00 which will go back to 4 Paws and 1 Heart (Diana Rascano ) which is the wonderful rescue that paid for his vetting. Please contact me via a P.M. Thank you! – Shayla Deanne”

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