PANDA and babies, PUDDING, PEANUT, and PISTACHIO – Rescued with Severe Infections; Pistachio Didn’t Survive

8/17/21 – RIP Pistachio (bottom right photo) – He was rescued with his mom and two siblings. They all had upper respiratory infections for which they received treatment. They were all set to get neutered/spayed, vaccinated but then came down with the infections once again. The mom, Panda, (top left) tested positive for FIV and we continued to wait for the babies to get better. One kitten, Pistachio, (bottom right) just couldn’t be touched. All of the others received treatment for fleas but Pistachio, kept separately, could not. Yesterday, when his rescuer woke up, Pistachio was not moving. He was taken into a partner veterinary and was found infested with fleas which left him in need of blood transfusions. He was also found to be FIV positive. The rescuer and the doctor believed that Pistachio’s chance of survival was minimal and decided to let him cross the Rainbow Bridge. This has been a horrible 1 and 1/2 years for not only the orphans on the streets but also owners who have been unable to get their pets into veterinary hospitals because of restrictions, illnesses, and staff shortages. We do what we can but we are limited by the dollars we have available. Your support has made a huge difference in the lives of so many and I just pray that we can continue to be there when needed. Tomorrow is our 11th Anniversary, please help us continue to help them-

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