STORMY – Found With a Prolapsed Rectum

9/25/21 – Even though our major fundraiser since 2019 was cancelled due to the rains of this past week, the medical needs for stray and abandoned animals never seem to wane. Meet Stormy. He was born to a feral mom who had been cared for over a two year period by a very kind couple. Like so many people (my husband and I included), the couple was not familiar with the idea of TNR and just kept rescuing the kittens the female would have and then find them homes. About a week ago they found that the mom had another litter of 4 kittens. The couple found a rescue to take 3 of the kittens but one of the kittens, Stormy, was found to have a prolapsed rectum and the rescue could not afford to take him. The couple tried every veterinary hospital whom we work with along with some of their own and finally they were able to get into a veterinary hospital where a friend is employed. Stormy was able to have surgery and he is doing well. We were happy to help with Stormy’s surgery and the couple may be keeping him. If not, they will find him a furever, loving home. Also, the feral mom is now scheduled to be spayed. – I normally don’t show graphic photos but thought this was a clear photo that showed what a prolapsed rectum looks like.

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