BEAR – Found Cold, Hungry, and with an Injured Leg.

2/16/22 – Meet Bear (aka Milo). This beautiful boy had successful ACL surgery today with one of the best veterinary doctors in our area, Dr. Zalac at Orion Animal Hospital. In late December, 2021, I received the following e mail:”I am a senior on a fixed income but I have been a foster mom for cats and kittens for many years. I am also a “foster failure”, as I have 5 kitties of my own. Two weeks ago I heard of an abandoned house cat, actually a kitten of approximately 9-11 months. After several trips to the area I finally found him, cold, hungry, and with an injured leg. I immediately took him to my local emergency vet, where he was x-rayed, received an anti-biotic injection, a rabies injection, sub-q fluids and an anti-inflammatory injection and I was told he had a cruciate ligament and patella injury. The cost was over $500, which I was willing to pay to help him. I was given anti-inflammatory medication and instructions for his care. It has been 2 weeks and the kitty is not much better and may require surgery. I was given an estimate of around $2000. !!! I simply cannot afford that but I want to help this poor baby. I already have a forever home for him, but not until he is well.I was told that your organization may be able to help with the cost of surgery. – Sharon”Well, before Bear could have his surgery, he had to go back to the original vet because he had an “inflammatory response” to his rabies vaccine. After, Bear was was duly recovered he had his surgery today which included being neutered. All is well and another animal who otherwise may have met a horrible death will have a second chance because of our supporters, our rescuers, and our veterinary doctors and their staffs.

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