TINKERBELL AND JAKE – Kept on a Chain 24/7, Pregnant and Needing a Second C-Section to Have Her Babies

2/16/22 – Remember Tinkerbell. She was kept on a chain 24/7 and during that time she became pregnant (for the second time we later learned). A friend of 4 Paws 1 Heart was able to save her before she had her babies. Tinkerbell had to have another c-section (her second because of her breed)and had 9 puppies; unfortunately 1 puppy died. We were then asked to take care of the medical needs for Tinkerbell and anything the puppies might need. I wanted to give you an update so here is Tinkerbell sleeping in all of her blankets and a photo of one of her babies, Jake, who is now living in a town with a lot of acreage in a very loving home. Tinkerbell is still having medical issues with yeast infections and the swelling of her nipples. The doctor is waiting for the swelling and yeast infections to subside before she can be spayed. She is becoming more confident and knows she is now loved.diana


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