REMI – Rescued with Pneumonia/Upper Respiratory Infection , Wounded Leg, and and Infected Mouth

3/22/22 – Prayers for Remi. He was trapped from the streets looking very defeated from life on the streets and in very bad shape. He appears to have pneumonia or a severe upper respiratory infection, as well as a wound on his leg, missing fur on his chest, and a very inflamed mouth. He will be seeing one of our caring vets to be totally examined, which may include blood work and an x ray, neutered/spayed if needed, cleaned up and treated for his leg wound as well as all of the usual treatments we cover — fiv/felv test, vaccines, flea/parasite treatment. His rescuer will be trying to find him a furever home and if you are interested in learning more, please contact Gail at: [email protected] – diana.

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