SWEETHEART – RIP – She Fell Off of a Roof

3/14/22 – She fell off of a roof and it appeared she may have broken her back. Our Board member, Denise (and mom to Team Chance) called me as soon as she got the cry out for help. I immediately contacted our friends at Advanced Animal Emergency, and because of the shortages of emergency hospitals and vets open on Sunday, those of us who deal with emergencies know it can take hours to get in. The rescuer was able to get her to the hospital where she was seen by the doctor who determined that Sweetheart’s organs were already shutting down. We will never know but maybe it was the shutting down of her organs which resulted in her falling off of the roof. Because her condition was very severe, the doctor recommended humane euthanasia and we all agreed. May she rest in peace. – diana.

P.S. These photos are of Sweetheart when she was rescued and before being transported to the hospital.

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