5/11/22 – This is Ruby. She had surgery yesterday and was a real trooper. We were contacted about Ruby around January. A person had rescued two kittens and one, Ruby, started dragging her back legs and was hardly moving them. Ruby was 5 1/2 months old. Ruby’s person had her x-rayed and it was determined that Ruby had severe (grade 4) luxating patellas in both back leg. After searching, For the Love of Cats Rescue and Adoption (LOCRA) was contacted because Ruby’s rescuer could not only afford the medical but she could not handle the recovery if surgery was able to be done. Ruby was then surrendered to the rescue. Ruby was surrendered to LOCRA and they contacted Gina because they could not afford the total cost of surgery. Ruby had been given pain medication and over the next few months attempts were made to make the surgery happen. Finally, we were able to share the costs of the double leg surgery with one of the best veterinary doctors we work with–Dr. Zalac–and Ruby’s surgery was finally completed. Dr. Z believed performing surgery on both legs at the same time would be best. Today I talked with the office staff and learned that very sweet Ruby did great. When fully recovered, we will cover her spay. It is always great to be able to partner with one of the many amazing rescues in our communities. – diana.

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