Update – I need help..

Sprinkles needs to go with a rescue with a positive reinforcement trainer that can work with her. She has had little training with confidence, impulse control, and boundaries. I feel she is definitely trainable and deserving of a chance. Someone with knowledge of the breed, experience, and patience could help her. She walks good on a leash, friendly with everyone she has met, food motivated, pottie trained, healthy, spayed, seems well and unreactive with other dogs and current on vaccines, heart worm negative. Time sensitive.. Please email me if you are able to help. [email protected]

One week ago this little girl was found curled up in a flower pot inside someone’s yard. The pic is below..

It was pouring rain and she was crying to come inside. The finder called me and I offered to scan her for a microchip, but she didn’t have one.

My manager was kind enough to say she could stay for her stray hold which was through the city of Eastpointe. Unfortunately, no one has contacted animal control looking for her. She had yellow stains on her rear area and her stomach which indicates she was possibly in a crate long enough to sit in urine. She has not had one accident in her crate in a week, so I suspect she was sitting for several hours.

We estimate her to be 2 or 3 yrs old. She is pottie trained and we are going to test her with other dogs soon. Next week she will be fixed.

4 paws 1 heart is funding all of her medical care. So far she has needed all vaccines, poop check, flea, tick, heartworm prevention, treatment for diarrhea, bloodwork and the spay is next week. We are currently calling her “Sprinkles” because of her adorable dots. While she is in our care, the staff has been giving lots of love and they are also walking her on our lunch breaks while working with her on commands. She needs some basic training but she is very smart and trainable. She is loving, smart, and friendly with everyone she has met. Walking is very enjoyable for her and she is very food motivated. If you are looking for a forever companion or want more information please email me and I will send an application through Macomb County Animal Shelter. [email protected]

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