11/30/22 РUpdate on our feline mascot, Chance. A lot has been ruled out but still no definitive answer to the root of Chance’s new medical issues. What does seem to be a constant is that the problem could be centered around his spinal cord. Next step will be a consult with a neurologist. Prayers for our very sweet boy! Рdiana.

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CHANCE: Hey there Team, sooo mom spoke with Dr. O from the Animal Surgical Center of Michigan this morning about my test results.

Urinalysis 1st…No sugar, so no Diabetes! No Uti either. There was a small amount of both red & white blood cells and small amount of protein all consistent with Cystitis. But the Cystitis was very minimal and the cells within normal ranges do not the cause of my leakage.

Abdominal Ultrasound…No masses, no tumors, and my bladder walls were of normal range thickness…no bladder inflammation.

Full Body CT…No masses or cancer that ct could detect. There were some Sclerotic changes to my spine and also a narrowing of the spinal cord canal near my T3. This could be caused by my old injury, or a recent traumatic event such as a fall (which mom doesn’t think is the case since I don’t jump up on high places, it’s not completely impossible…just not likely) or I could have had a FCE “Fibrocartilaginous Embolism” …a spinal stroke.

Dr. O has a call in to the neurologist for a consult and he will be in office on Thursday to discuss next steps.

Dr. Z and Dr. Kern both have recieved the reports and Dr. Z contacted mom 1st thing and and her and mom are both in agreement to wait to see what neurologist says and then decide on my treatment plan going forward. Dr. Z as always is doing her research in the meantime to come up with a plan of what is going to be best for me going forward. Mom is doing her research too. One thing I know for sure, everybody has my best interest, comfort and quality of life in their thoughts

That’s all we know for now Team till the end of the week so stay tuned and thankyou all for your amazing support!

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