2/12/23 – Last year was a big success-especially for the many animals helped through this fundraiser. Please share and plan on attending. You won’t regret it. – diana P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI. 48080

Venue Spotlight: We are thrilled to have 2000 Brooklyn as one of our venues for the upcoming Corktown Music Festival / 4 Paws 1 Heart Fundraiser – March 3 & 4th!

Situated conveniently a block behind Lager House ! We will have 2 stages (left and right) with back to back bands on the half hour starting at 7pm. We’ll also have a variety of vendors inside (possibly outside depending on weather). Check out the video to get a sneak peak of this amazing space! It is available to rent for other purposes and corporate events. Click the contact button on their website to learn more. We are so thankful for their support!

We are so excited for this year’s Corktown Music Festival happening March 3rd and 4th! Over 75 amazing bands playing over 2 nights at 5 Corktown Detroit area venues.

This is a fundraiser for 4 Paws 1 Heart so be sure to get your $20 all access wristbands at any of these locations (during their regular business hours) and avoid lines at the festival.

Iconic Tattoo & Body Piercing :3401 Cass Ave, Detroit


Village Vinyl Warren

Flipside Records Berkley

Solo Records Royal Oak

Dearborn Music (both Dearborn and Farmington Hills locations)

UHF Royal Oak

Lager House Corktown, Detroit

Thanks to our amazing sponsors:

Iconic Tattoo & Body Piercing (3401 Cass Ave, Detroit)

Klever Design

Human Fly Radio

2 Dogs Hot Sauce

Video Music by Warhorses

Video created by Kelli from Iconic Tattoo and Jason Reed art. Thank you!

Follow our facebook page for updates and for the lineup at each venue in the events section.




2/12/23 – On this Super Bowl Sunday i thought I’d share Chance’s MRI’s report. We all wish it had been more promising but what it did show is that our Chance truly is a Super Hero. The doctor was amazed that Chance was ever able to walk. We all love this boy and his mom and Aunt Shelly will be doing everything possible to make him comfortable, safe, and loved. When a paralyzed kitty on death row in a municipal shelter was rescued so many years ago, 4p1h committed to this guy for as long as was needed. And, we will keep that commitment—as long as we have the the help of our supporters! – diana P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI. 48080

A second Chance For Chance facebook page

Hi Team, mom here. So, the news is not what we had hoped for. Chance’s spinal cord is severely compressed by the narrowing of his spinal canal near his T3 vertebre. The narrowing is so severe that it’s compressing his spinal cord and the signals to his bladder are not getting through. So when he drinks water it just goes straight through him. The signal isn’t getting from his brain to his sphincter muscle to hold or release his urine. Dr. Palma said he could not understand how he was able to walk at all! But there’s a thing called “spinal walking” and even though it looks like he knows where his feet are going, it’s just memory basically..Habit. The signal isn’t really firing through the spinal cord. The good news is…his loss of bladder control really can’t get any worse then it is and he doesn’t seem to be in any pain…right now. The bad news is he will decline in mobility over time. Dr doesn’t want Chance going up and down the staircases anymore, no jumping on or off any furniture either. I’m actually waiting for Dr. Palma to send me his written report and images which will help to explain everything in better detail. Hopefully I will get all that tomorrow. It’s a lot to process as our hopes were so high for better news and we will need to make a lot of adjustments at home in his routine and equipment to make sure he’s comfortable and safe. For tonight we’re all exhausted, it was a very long day and we need to process and have Sleep-in Sunday instead of Saturday

Thank you all for your love & prayers, we’ll see you all tomorrow – Denise

That must have been a long exhausting day. I’m glad you got some answers and there is no doubt Chance is in the best hands. He is lucky to have amazing love and care. Let me know if there is anything I can do. Meanwhile I’ll keep you both in my prayers – Gina


Hi everyone,

I just wanted to post a Muffins’ update. I wish I had better news, but I guess it could always be worse.. This has been a very frustrating roller coaster ride.

On Monday I was able to speak to the doctor we saw at Mi. State on Jan 18th. She said that after speaking with the Internal medicine team and the head interventional Radiologist, the recommendation would be to place a temporary silicone stent. They would repeat CT, flush her out, use guided fluroscopy, rhynescopy, make a hole or make the stricture bigger. The stent would eventually be removed and hopefully relieve the symptoms. There are risks associated and one of them is swelling and inflammation in that area will constrict her airway, so a trachea tube would be placed to keep her airway open. It would be left in until discharge from the hospital which could be several days. Other considerations are, the stent might move, cause infection, fistula, not work, etc. This is rare and some studies have been done.

They could try the balloon dialation, but it sounds like there is very high risk that will not work on the 1st try.

Another option would be consulting with a soft tissue surgeon specialist to see if there is a less invasive way to help Muffins’ aside from going through her jaw or placing a stent.

I made an appointment yesterday with the Animal Surgical Center in Flint for a consultation with Dr Stanley.

I have to make the best decision for her longterm while weighing out the good and the bad of all scenarios. She is not even 1 yr old.

March 31st we will be going to our next appointment. In the meantime, I’ll be sedating her to do another nasal flush with a culture of her discharge and I’ll be stocking up on non alcohol baby wipes for her poor raw nose.. Please keep going for this sweet girl.. Gina P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI. 48080