103/23 – APOLOGIES! I noticed two postings for Annabelle and deleted one not realizing both posts would be deleted. So, I’m sorry for all the comments which were deleted but here is Annabelle’s story once again.

It was June 19, 2023 when Annabelle and many other dogs and cats were found at a house where everyone was found dead from overdosing on drugs. All of the cats who were alive were vetted and placed with rescues; some cats were found dead. The rescue placed 2 dogs that were spayed/neutered and vetted. Annabelle, who is approximately 4 to 5 years old — not spayed nor vaccinated–was rescued with two other dogs (Jasmine and Sunny) who eventually were found to be positive for heart worm. The property owners allowed the animals to remain on the property while placement and medical care could be found.

At first, the rescue contacted us to get help with vetting for Annabelle and Jasmine to be vetted; then it was found both tested positive for heart worm. Jasmine turned out to be pregnant which added another layer to the medical issues and poor Annabelle was attacked by another dog before she could be seen initially. It was thought that her leg was broken so all attention was on taking care of that while we waited in the wings to assist with two heart worm positive dogs. Annabelle was treated at West Flint Animal Hospital. and Annabelle’s leg was treated and casted. Annabelle then started her pre-heart worm treatment some time after and finally on September 29, Annabelle received her first injection for heart worm. We will be covering Annabelle’s medical needs until she is heart worm free and have committed to helping Jasmine when appropriate. Teresa, a member of the rescue team, reported that Annabelle is comfortable and doing good. In the meantime, here is Annabelle when she was first found, then picked up, and finally on her ride home after her first heart worm injection. Continued prayers for Annabelle as well as every stray and abused animal on our streets. We are forever thankful that because of amazing and generous veterinarians and donors we are able to make a difference in so many lives. – diana P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI. 48080

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