6/3/24 – On January 19, 2024 I posted the story of Smudge (search our website for the post). In short, Smudge was rescued from under a mobile home in a park overwhelmed with cats left behind. Smudge’s rescuer, Melissa, had earlier rescued others, some of whom we helped with medical. Smudge was about 8 weeks old when rescued and was first taken in quickly to get proper vaccinations and an exam. She was later scheduled to have everything else completed at Patterson Veterinary Hospital. But, between the time of her rescue and spay appointment, Smudge got very sick with an upper respiratory infection and suffered high fevers. After a few vet visits and medication, Smudge was finally ready for her spay and updated vaccinations. Here is an update from Smudge’s rescuer:

“Smudge had her spay surgery. Patterson Veterinary did such a great job I can’t even tell she had surgery at all (besides the shaved tummy lol). I have a 15 year old senior cat I rescued under a mobile home years ago, and a 4 year old cat I rescued from a garage with 6 others. Smudge has grown on our 4 year old. Giving him company and a friend. I couldn’t bare to take Smudge from him, sooo she has a permanent and loving home with us, we decided to keep her. I want to thank 4paws 1 heart for everything they’ve done and continue to do to help these babies.-Melissa”

The first photos were taken while Smudge was being treated and the last are from this past Friday. – diana

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