2/7/23 – In Chance’s household we have Chance who has been tested and treated the past few months, Bobbi, Bridgette, and Trixie who Chance reports on here. Along with Chance’s team, Muffins is still seeking an answer to her continuous nasal discharge (which, if you haven’t seen it, is so sad and has to be miserable). This doesn’t include the normal Village of needs which you will be reading more about as we go forward — dogs with heart worm, cats limping, and just the usual array of needs. So here is Chance’s report:

“CHANCE: Hey there Team!
Soooo the rest of Trixie’s bloodwork came back and thankfully she is not diabetic. We are super happy about that and we’re able to get Trixie’s dental scheduled for the same day as Olivers! So they will be together which will be awesome for Trixie because she adores Oliver and is always giving him nose boops and kisses
So the dental is set for Feb 27th, and this will also give time for the antibiotics to clear the infection and for us to help raise the funds for her dental.
Bobbi’s bloodwork also came back today and showed slightly elevated white count but no hyperthyroidism as we suspected and no Diabetes either. Everything else looked good. So the Dr wants us to start vitamin B injections at home. That will help if she has any bowel inflammation and will also stimulate her appetite. Thank goodness 4 Paws 1 Heart is also there for Bobbi. Its always something with us special needs kids, we are so grateful for 4p1h and Team Chance. Please donate if you are able to help with Trixie’s Dental. Well, that’s all the updates for tonight Team, we love you to Pluto!!! “

As our supporters can see, your donations mean everything to making a difference in the lives of so many abandoned and stray animals roaming our streets. We couldn’t do without the support of thousands of animal lovers. Hope to see you many of our supporters tomorrow night at our fundraiser. We are all looking forward to lots of fun. – diana.

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We are so excited for this year’s Corktown Music Festival happening March 3rd and 4th! Over 75 amazing bands playing over 2 nights at 5 Corktown Detroit area venues.

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2/6/23 – Garfield showed up at a home the day after Christmas. Krishna, the homeowner, posted him on several sites to try and find an owner but no one claimed him. She thinks Garfield may have been abandoned because he is so friendly and sweet, as if he lived in a home at one time. Krishna asked for our help in getting Garfield tested, vaccinated, and neutered which we were happy to do. Garfield came through his vetting with flying colors and was found negative for FIV or FelV. Krishna thought she had an adopter lined up but that fell through so Garfield is still looking for his furever home. Here is what Krishna has to say about this sweet boy.

“Garfield is a handsome and exceptionally loving cat. He showed up as an outdoor cat in late December and insisted on coming in doors. He loves playing on his cat scratcher with a sprinkle of catnip. He also enjoys rolling around for belly rubs and hanging out with humans. Garfield is a very vocal kitty and is not shy about letting you know when he wants attention, treats, or food. He can be shy initially, but warms up pretty quickly to new people.

Garfield is fully litter box trained. He would do great with other cats or as a solo cat. He does seem timid around loud noises and probably would do best in a home without dogs. He quickly adapts to new surroundings within a few days. He is food motivated and loves to snuggle up for cuddles and scratches. He enjoys being held and picked up. – Krishna”

Here are some before and after photos of Garfield. He will be posted on our courtesy Petfinder site as well as the Friends of 4 Paws fb page. If anyone is interested in giving him a loving home, please contact Krishna at: [email protected] – diana

4paws1heart.org/donations P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI. 48080


Trixie was Rescued at 12 years old by Warren Animal Control during the Polar Vortex. I got the call from Denise and Trixie was picked up at Advanced Animal Emergency. She was in pretty bad shape with a very infected mouth and needing several tooth extractions. We committed to Trixie 4 years ago to be a part of the Chance Team and now that she’s 16, we are still there for her.- diana

4paws1heart.org/donations P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI. 48080

A Second Chance For Chance

TRIXIE: Is that carrier (gulp) for me mom????

AUNT SHELLY: Yep sweet girl, it is. We’re going to see why you dont feel good. Aunt Dee and I are taking you out to Dr. Zs to see Dr. Hedgewood becuse we and 4Paws1Heart love you sooooo much and we want you feeling all better! Deal?

TRIXIE: Ok, deal. Love you mom

AUNT SHELLY: Love you too baby

TRIXIE: Love you 4 Paws 1 Heart, thankyou for loving me soooo much!


1/31/23 – Capone was found on the streets with what the rescuer thought was an impacted gland. Yesterday he was seen by one of our partner vets and it turned out to be an inflamed testicle. The doctor said that Capone was fortunate that the testicle did not become infected. Capone was neutered, vaccinated, and tested and is now safe and healthy in his new home. – diana.

4paws1heart.org/donations P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI. 48080