Update on Pom Puppy

The little foster pup is 19 days old today!  In a couple more day’s she’ll be three weeks old!!  She is a strong fighter!!  Today she weighs 5 oz!!! Continue to say your prayers for this precious baby.

I’m Too Young To Have a Name

01/16/2012 – This little one is the result of very ignorant people who thought they knew how to breed animals.  They took a tea cup male pom/yorkie (?) and mated him with a standard pom/yorkie(?) — result — 2 dead babies, 1 dead momma, and 1 little one now on her 3rd day of life with a staph infection and fighting to live.

After 24 hours of labor, the mom was brought in to the Emergency Hospital by these alleged “medically knowledgeable” people.  Two babies were found dead in the mom and one baby was literally saturated in her mom’s infection.  The mom was so infected and in pain, she had to be humanely euthanized.  The same people who bred this poor female, couldn’t even pay for her euthanasia, yet, they wanted to take the baby home with them.

After significant counseling, this 3 oz. baby was turned over to 4 Paws 1 Heart who paid all of the medical bills and she is safely in the hands of Gina who has been tube feeding and bottle feeding.  Her condition is very guarded and will need lots of prayers. .


Sassy was brought in by a concerned resident. She has been feeding Sassy the stray for over a year now. 4p1h tested Sassy for feluk/fiv = Negative, spayed her, and treated her minor injury on her tip of the tail where her vertebrae was exposed. Sassy went back to the resident where she will recover and be released, or maybe even fostered.