Does Your City/Township Have an Agreement for After Hour Care for Animals

Do you think it is right to put your police officers in the terrible position of shooting an injured animal because your city/township doesn’t have an agreement with an after-hours clinic. The other night a dog was hit by a car in a nearby community. The person who hit the dog contacted the police. The police arrived and because their city had no contract with an emergency animal hospital, the police were going to humanely shoot the dog to avoid him suffering at the police station until the animal control shelter was open. Upon learning this, the woman insisted on taking the dog herself to the emergency hospital where Gina works. She was actually willing to pay for some of the costs but Gina insisted that 4P1H pay for the medical needs which included treating for shock and some minor abrasions and bruising. The lady contacted the police to let them know the whereabouts of the dog and 24 hours later, the dog walked out the door with his owner. Had this caring woman not taken matters into her own hands, this dog would have been dead and not to the fault of the police. ANIMAL LOVERS, if you care, contact your city/township and find out what happens in your community. AND don’t let anyone tell you a story that sounds good. Ask questions and dig for the truth. Most cities/townships do not have contracts with REAL after-hour emergency hospitals. I’m not talking about hospitals that are open a few hours longer than others or have a 1/2 day week-end service. I’m talking about places like the Animal Urgent and Critical Care Center in Harper Woods, Wilson’s Veterinary Hospital in Romeo, and I’m sure there are a few others. Sure it will cost your community a little more but isn’t this the moral thing to do. This dog could have been your poor animal who was accidentally let out of his house/yard. We can make a difference! ~ diana