Viola – She Would Be Seen Being Dragged Down the Street

9/6/21 – She was saved from a drug house where she was abused if didn’t do what they wanted — like walking on a leash. She would be seen being dragged and choking until she would walk. Viola is 9 months old. Her abuse was severe and she will need time to decompress and learn to trust humans. She will be tested for heart worm, spayed, and vaccinated when she is comfortably settled with her rescuer. One often wants to ask why humans treat animals like this with such cruelty but then you can turn on you TV or read the newspapers and figure out why. It’s those same people that have no respect for life — animal or human. Please remember the vulnerable in your prayers. – diana
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Zebe – Found Heart Worm Positive

9/3/21 – Zebe is another dog rescued from the tough streets by Streethearts Dogs Rescue. Unfortunately, after being neutered he was found to be positive for heart worm. Once again, we will be covering his treatment and giving him, what we hope, will be a second chance at life. Please remember him in your prayers and if you are interested in him, please contact our friends at Streethearts. – Diana
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Bella Bean – Neglected, Abused, and Heart Worm Positive

9/2/21 – I recently received the following request for help:
“My name is Danna. About 4 months ago, as an emergency, I rescued a female pit/terrier in that the couple who had her had neglected, abused, and misfed the dog. I immediately put her on a wait list to be spayed and to get her immediately checked for everything ( 2 years old and never had any shots). Wednesday July 21, she visited the vet, had a successful spay, but comes the bearer of bad news. She is heart worm positive, in a pretty advanced stage (there was no microfilariae, all adult).
I would love to give this sweet girl a life she deserves, but my heart breaks knowing that it maybe too far advanced.
I have made an appointment with all about animals in Flint, Michigan for August 20th for an initial consultation.
Unfortunately, I do not have the funds in order to pay the vet for the treatment, anything will help my sweet BellaBean”.
Of course, because of our generous supporters, I was able to say YES and Bella Bean was started on her 30-day pre-treatment. Without the many individuals and businesses who support us we would never be able to help these abused animals. But because of caring people like Danna and our friends, Bella Bean will be given that chance for a life filled with love and care. Please say a prayer for her because heart worm treatment is brutal, especially when dealing with advanced stages. – Diana 7:28:21 bellabean w:danna manning
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Imelda – Begins Her Heart Worm Treatment

8/30/21 – Prayers for Imelda. I posted about Imelda who was rescued by our friend, Alanda, (the same person who rescued Gus). We were hoping Imelda would just need the standard medical but unfortunately she tested positive for heart worm. We don’t know the extent of the damage but she did start her 30 day pre-injection protocol on Friday. Heart worm treatment is very expensive and critical. In the mean time, Imelda can’t get spayed and must be kept relatively calm. Your donations save lives and anything you can do to assist is always greatly appreciated. – diana.
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Imelda – Showed Up in a 4p1h Friend’s Yard – Heart Worm Positive

8/19/21 – This very sad and sweet girl was found in a neighbor’s yard. Alanda, the finder and her friend searched the neighborhood trying to find an owner but no one claimed her. Alanda, who was Gus’ rescuer (see website for his story) named her Imelda — sweet survivor. Imelda will be seeing one of our partner vets because she has a severe flea infestation and the poor baby is constantly scratching. She will be tested for heart worm, vaccinated, and spayed if needed. Alanda needs a reputable foster or adopter for this sweetie. So, please contact Alanda if you can help at: Thank God for people who care! – diana.
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4 Paws 1 Heart – 11th Anniversary

8/18/21 – A little over 11 years ago, I had a conversation with a colleague from Leadership Macomb (an organization I volunteered with for 21 years) about starting a non-profit which funded medical treatment for abandoned, stray, and abused animals. I originally got the idea because of the experience of Gina DeLuca Jenio who at the time was a vet tech at an emergency hospital on the east side of Wayne County. From that point, my friends, Cheryl Allmacher, Pam Willer, Cynthia S. Wojtowycz , Jimetta J. Dion Lewis and Gina got together and created 4 Paws 1 Heart. We had the perfect group of business, marketing, IT, non-profit, and animal expertise. And, 11 years later we have paid a little over $1.1 million in medical funding for stray animals in Macomb, Wayne, Oakland, and Genesee counties–also, in other parts of MI but not predominantly. We have assisted over 8,500 animals start a second chapter in their lives and have reduced the over population of strays on the streets by ensuring that every animal we assist is spayed/neutered/vaccinated. And, we could not have done it without our thousands of donors, our veterinary hospitals who provide us access and special pricing, and the many rescuers who do the ultimate work of rescuing those orphans on the streets. I want to recognize those hospitals we work with most although there are dozens of others who will work with us from time to time, and we, of course, appreciate them. Thank YOU to: All About Animals Rescue, without you thousands of cats and dogs would be born and killed on the streets; Patterson Veterinary Hospital, you’ve been with us from the beginning and we are furever grateful; Orion Animal Hospital, we met you at Patterson and then, Dr. Zalak, you went out on your own. You have come into the office on your days off and you’ve taught me so much–I don’t know what we would have done without you and your amazing staff; Groesbeck Animal Hospital, Center Line Veterinary Hospital, Five Mile Animal Hospital, Veterinary Medical Center, Pawsitive Steps Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine, the home of our canine mascot, Hercules. Dr. Kern, you, too, have been integral to our success; Advanced Animal Emergency always there to help us with emergencies and support while so many others emergency hospitals are closing; Humane Society of St. Clair County/ S.N.A.P, The PAWS Clinic, COMFORT’s PLACE — all low cost clinics overwhelmed during this very difficult 1 and 1/2 years.
I apologize for this long post but this journey has been amazing and it absolutely filled what was supposed to be a retirement from 32 years at Detroit Edison with the opportunity to not only save animals but to meet such a wonderful group of people who in some cases have become life-long friends. Thank YOU to our current Board of Directors: Gina DeLuca Jenio, Cynthia Wojtowycz, Lori Jobak, Dee Brown Gudenau, Angela Rogensues, Julie Ann Van Ameyde, Denise Najera, and Kim Fuhrmann. And our former Board Members: Dar Chip, Melissa Wills-Jeffrey, and Jimetta J. Dion Lewis. And, thank you to everyone who shares these posts and gives me the encouragement to keep fighting the fight to save those who have NO VOICE. May God Bless all those who advocate for the animals and may he watch over those who have no one. Here’s are Canine and Feline Mascots — Hercules and Chance may they live forever on this earth and in our hearts. – diana

hercules chance

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Amelia and Ariana – Update

8/10/21 – UPDATE – You might remember that Amelia and Ariana were dropped off in a box at the door of a 4p1h friend. They are the siblings to Jasmine, who was at death’s door from parvo virus and who is now fully recovered and looking for a permanent home. Their other sibling, unfortunately, died before we could get her into the hospital. Well, as puppies do, they are getting big. Amelia and Ariana will go for their next round of vaccines in a couple weeks and once they are spayed, Ariana will be going to her new home with to be trained as a service dog for a young man with autism. Amelia will then be looking for her furever home. Here are photos of Ariana and Amelia when they were first rescued and now — lounging around. – diana
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Montana – Rescued from a Reservation in the State of Montana

8/3/21 – Late last week, I received a call from an independent rescuer we’ve helped on several occasions. She had been traveling across the Country for her daughter’s sport event. That is how she met Montana (aka Monty). The following was written and posted by Monty’s rescuer, Shayla Deanne. Monty was taken to one of our friends and the owner of Comfort’s Place (Deborah Friedman) who has an amazing heart and fit Monty into a very full schedule at her veterinary clinic. At this time, the Shayla, Deborah, and a veterinarian at Comfort’s Place are making plans to return to Montana to see what they can do to help these poor animals. – diana
Your donations Save Lives and Gives those without hope a second chance!!
“Location: Redford, Michigan
It’s official…this boy is up for adoption! Meet Montana everyone (Monty for short).
For those who don’t already know, Monty came home with us last weekend from Glacier National Park in Montana (hence, his name). He was a stray and wandering from campsite to campsite between two popular campgrounds out there. After speaking with the long-time owner of our campground, we were told that Montana was likely dumped there and that the “game warden had already been called about him” and that he would be “on his way to doggie heaven soon enough”. He went on to explain that there are no animal shelters around and that he likely came from the Native American Reservation up the road. A “Browning Dump Dog” is what he called him. Apparently many strays wander or are dumped into the campgrounds and they are shot, according to the owner. This is their way of controlling the population of stray dogs, and if they chase wildlife up there, they are killed by the game warden in the same manner.
I know…horrible. 😪💔
We couldn’t imagine his fate that way, so after a day or so of trying to get him, we finally did. He was scanned for a chip and there was nothing. No collar either…nothing to tell us where Monty may have come from. After asking all around town about where he may have come from, we were met with more dead ends. At that point, we felt okay with bringing him home the day we left the state last week. I did leave my information with several local establishments there, including the campgrounds, in case an owner came looking for him. We’ve heard nothing from anyone.
It has been a week and he is simply a fantastic dog! He was a little skittish of people, especially men, reaching out for him (cowered as if he was hit), but he has come to trust us more and more. He is about 2 years old, is heart worm negative, just got all his vaccinations, and is neutered already. He is GREAT with other dogs, kids, doesn’t care about cats, and actually cowered when I tried to see if he had prey drive toward my chinchilla. 😅
He walks very well on a leash and knows some basic commands. His biggest issue is being locked up. He is a little escape artist if he is being confined. He hops fences and will jump and climb on things like a little gazelle. Again, this is only if he is confined which is why he will do best in a home with people who are home or with him most of the time. I’m sure with time, his anxiety could be calmed and he could be crate trained for short increments of time. He is also young and LOVES other dogs and activity. Someone who has an active lifestyle is preferred for this boy. The vet thinks Monty is full grown, but could stand to gain a few pounds (he is only 35 pounds right now.)
If you would like to meet Monty or think he may be a good fit for someone you know, please share this post. There is an application process, a home check, and his adoption fee will be $150.00 which will go back to 4 Paws and 1 Heart (Diana Rascano ) which is the wonderful rescue that paid for his vetting.
Please contact me via a P.M.montana==8:4:21 montana---8:4:21 montana--8:3:21 montana 8:3:21
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Jasmine – Update – Survives the Parvo Virus

Jazzy Update..
Thanks to the awesome care at Moore Veterinary Hospital, your prayers, and her tenacious will to live, Jazzy survived Parvo Virus. She is a bundle of puppy energy and I am looking for the perfect forever home for her. She is about 12 weeks old and a mixed large breed pup. If you are interested in an adoption application please email me at Thank youjasmine 7:29:21 jasmine--7:29:21 jasmine 7:29:21---
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