Walter – On His Way to His New Foster Home

7/1/21 – Walter 5:27:21Walter Update..
Today he went to his new foster family. Walter was saved by a very nice man who rescued him from the streets and from a bad situation.
4 paws 1 heart offered to check Walter out medically and he tested positive for Heartworm Disease. He was also emaciated and walked like a crippled old man. The rescuer provided love, kindness, shelter, compassion, and stability for Walter but he had to make a very hard decision to turn him over because his son was allergic. It’s was so hard because Walter was family and truly loved. Foster dad Jay, helped Walter reach the next step of his journey and that is so important. We will make sure he has updates and he can visit any time. Walter has a ways to go until being cleared medically, but we will make sure everything possible is done to give him the 2nd chance he so deserves.. ♡
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Ariana and Amelia – Siblings to Jasmine – Dropped Off in a Box at the Rescuer’s Door

7/1/21 – More prayers!! This is Ariana (white) and Amelia (brindle). They were left in a box at the door of the good Samaritan who rescued the puppy suffering with Parvo who is with Gina at the vet hospital. It appears there were actually 4 puppies in the litter. Our friend had originally rescued two behind a Burger King. Unfortunately one died during the night and by the next day we were able to get the other into the hospital. It appears that the woman who had the mama found out who rescued the two and the other night dropped off two more puppies at the person’s home. She left a note, rang the doorbell, and ran. Both puppies had white gums and were lethargic but did not appear to be in as serious condition as the two others (one of whom died). They were seen last night by one of our partner vets and they were given the parvo vaccine in hopes that if they have contracted the parvo virus, the vaccine will reduce the severity. Everyone is on call should they take a turn for the worse. The rescuer has fluids and is giving them Pedialyte and high protein food as recommended by the doctor. This morning Ariana and Amelia are doing well and acting more like puppies. diana
P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI. 48080
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Jasmine (Jazzy) – Dumped Behind A Fast Food Restaurant; Dying With Parvo Virus

6/29/21 – 4 paws 1 heart was contacted for urgent help after a good Samaritan found 2 puppies dumped in a field behind a Burger King. One of the puppies passed away overnight, and the other one was hanging on.. A friend of 4 paws 1 heart responded to my plea to transport this little baby to the team at Moore Veterinary Hospital. She is currently hospitalized and receiving aggressive care. Please send positive vibes and prayers that she turns the corner. We highly suspect parvo virus. Gina ♡
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Groovy – No Longer Wanted Because of Her Medical Needs

6/10/21 – Groovy is an 11 month old Lab mix. She was no longer wanted by her owner because she “didn’t need or want the responsibility anymore”. So our friends at Misfit Angels rescued her.
She has double entropion, had never been to the vet nor was she welcome to come in the house after going to the bathroom. Groovy will have surgery on both eyes Friday June 11, as well as spay complements of 4 Paws 1 Heart. The rescue says that she is learning so much at her foster home and loves to be around her furry foster friends! Although a little confused because of her former upbringing, she is very sweet. Anyone interested in Groovy should contact Misfit Angels. Prayers for a successful surgery – diana
“When you adopt a dog, you have a lot of very good days and one very bad day.” W. Bruce CameronGroovy w:misfit angels 6:9:21 groovy 6:9:21
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Louie – Update With His New Family

6/8/21 – And another happy update that was made possible by our very generous supporters. In a period of 15 months when we were only able to have one restricted fundraiser, we are humbled and blessed to have been able to help so many. May God bless all of our supporters, the rescuers, our veterinary doctors and nurses and staffs, and, most importantly, the adopters. – diana
CHANCE: So guess who mom got to visit today??? Who remembers our ole pal Louie???
Remember he’s the kid that was found running down the street terrified of the fireworks on 4th of July. When his rescuers found out where he lived and took him home they didn’t want him!
So he came to our house and thanks to lots of donations to 4 Paws 1 Heart he got all his vaccines, tests, neuter & dental and it was off to the great home mom found for him! Louies dad does clock repair and mom needed a clock repaired today soooo she got to visit Louie! Louie is forever with his ball….still!!! On the left is Louie now, 12yrs old and living his best life! Thankyou 4 Paws 1 Heart for making Louies dreams come true! ❤ Nightynite Louie, we miss you and love you!
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Luna – Passed Around With an Injured Paw From Home to Home

6/3/21 – Prayers for Luna. Here is her story as reported by her rescuer:
“I just recently had a puppy dropped off to me asking me to foster her for a short while. I was told she has a fractured or broken paw although I’m not sure because she has been through two different homes where it was ignored and it’s not my dog or else I would be doing more. But, this puppy is in pain and constantly walking on her hurt paw possibly hurting it more. I can afford some of the vet bills such as getting her shots and possibly x-rays but I was really hoping for some assistance with the splint being that she may need one as soon as possible. Luna is 3 months old, she’s a pit bull/lab mix. Her previous owner said she doesn’t know how she hurt her paw and when she took her to the vet and they told her how much it would cost to get x-rays and a splint and she couldn’t afford it so she gave the dog to someone I know who has special needs. That person was kicked out of her house right after taking the pup in and she asked me to care for the puppy until she could get back on her feet. But, she lives with her parents and they said no to a dog. I don’t feel she’s a fit home for the puppy along with not being able to afford the procedures she might need and I plan on keeping the puppy if I can help her. – Joyce”
Joyce took Luna into her vet, which also happens to be one of our partner vets, and they referred her to us for assistance with the medical. More x-rays were taken and the doctor saw Luna again on May 10 and yesterday, June 2. The doctor is hopeful that Luna may be able to keep her leg as the leg appears to be healing on its own. She has a follow up appointment in two weeks. Paws crossed she has a clean bill of health. We will help Luna with any needed vaccines and spay. Joyce will keep us updated. – diana
“Happiness is a warm puppy” – Charles M. Schulzluna w:joyce gray luna 5:5:21
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Memorial Day – Honoring Military Dogs

5/30/21 – On this weekend when we remember those men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom and the world’s freedom, I would like to also remember the many military dogs who gave their lives to protect our military and fight for our freedom. I chose this story about the those who served in Vietnam because that horrible period was a part of my growing-up years. The story of the Vietnam military dogs is a sad one and I just want those who are too young to remember that war to know their story….

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Walter – Gets His Chest X-Rays to Determine Severity of Heart Worm

5/27/21 – Walter Update♡
This very handsome sweet boy was in the other day for chest x rays so the doctor can stage his hear worm disease. His rescuer has been providing him a loving and safe home filled with positivity and TLC. Walter was found as a stray several weeks ago. He tested positive for Heart Walter 5:27:21worm and he has severe arthritis. 4 paws 1 heart has offered to cover his medical and he will need hip, knee, and spinal x rays at his next visit. This little boy loves to wag his nub whenever he sees people. If you would like to help donate towards his care we would really appreciate it. ♡ I’m pretty sure he is smiling here. Gina.
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Walter – Rescued From the Streets; Heart Worm Positive

5/6/21 – Meet Walter. He was rescued from the streets two weeks ago and brought to the vet where Gina is a Licensed Veterinary Technician. We paid for his vaccines and, unfortunately, he tested positive for heart worm. 4 Paws 1 Heart will be funding his heart worm treatment which will begin immediately with x rays to determine the extent. Then 30 days of medicine before his final injections. His rescuer will be caring for Walter during his treatment but is not planning to keep him. So anyone interested in adopting him once he is healthy, should contact Gina at: – diana
“If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die, I want to go where they went.” – Will Rogerswalter w:gina 5:6:21
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