Zena – Starved By Her Owners and Could Hardly Stand

10/20/21 – Zena was rescued by Streethearts Animal Rescue, a rescue who typically works the streets of Flint saving dogs who have been abandoned and, too often, abused. Zena is one of those dogs. She was being starved by her owners and when rescued she was very emaciated and lethargic. She was in the hospital for about 4 days and is now in a foster home slowly eating, gaining some strength, and learning to trust humans. We were happy to help our friends with her very large medical bill. – diana
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Walter – Adopted by His Foster Family

10/13/21 – Great News!! Remember Walter? He had heart worm which we were covering and he was being fostered by a great friend of the 4 Paws 1 Heart Family. Well, the family failed — so to speak. They couldn’t stand to see Walter leave and they have decided to make him a member of their very loving family and fur family. We wish Walter the very best! You can read his story by searching “Walter” on this fb site. – diana
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Dino – Found Caked in His Own Feces

10/11/21 – Dino was found caked in his own feces. He had several skin issues as well that his rescuer was able to treat. We were asked if we could cover his neuter, vaccines, and testing. He will be going in for a desperately needed makeover this week. Another beautiful abandoned/stray animal is off of the streets! – diana
P.S. With the cancellation of our first major fundraiser in almost 2 years, we are in great need of donations. If you can spare any amount to help these orphans with a second chance of life, it will be greatly appreciated.
dino 10:7:21-- dino 10:7:21
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LaLa and Layla – Rescued and Tested Heart Worm Positive

10/7/21 – LaLa and Layla finished their heart worm injections, complements of 4 Paws 1 Heart and our amazing supporters. The rescue, Midland County Pit Stop, reports they are doing great. Here are their stories:
“Layla is a girl that has lived outside probably her entire life. We are guessing that she has had numerous litters in her 8 years. We were contacted by owners and were asked for help rehoming both her and her sister. Owners were homeless and living with relatives all the while both Layla and Hope were not allowed inside and were on chains in the backyard. The day a board member picked her up and took her to her vet appt was the day we found out she was heart worm positive. It was devastating knowing she had to go back to the chain until a foster was found. Thankfully an employee of our founder was able to take her right away and she will never see the chain again.
LaLa is a sweet 5-6 year old terri poo who was adopted by previous owner in December of 2017. Due to divorce and her moving, a board member was contacted, she surrendered to us and immediately went into foster care. She was immediately vetted and unfortunately came back heart worm positive. She was to weigh 10-12lb and weighed in at 24lb. She is in an amazing foster home where she is living her best life, losing weight and getting ready for her forever home. – Calleen”
Here is Layla and LaLa (before and after rescue). – diana
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Aurora – Found Near a Railroad Track, Emaciated and Dehydrated

9/30/21 – Meet beautiful Aurora. She was found by the railroad tracks at E. Warren and St. Jean in Detroit. She is about 8 weeks old and was all alone. She appeared to be very emaciated and dehydrated and was very scared in an area where there were no houses, just open barren land. Thankfully, she is now with a foster and has a foster sister who likes very much like her. She is scheduled for her check up, puppy vaccines, heart worm test, flea/tick prevention/treatment, and will be spayed after her first heat which is recommended by our doctors. Then, she will be put up for adoption. – diana
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Maximus – Found Covered in Blood

9/28/21 – Maximus was found covered in blood. From the bite marks on his face, it was believed that he was being taught to fight. Part of he ear had been cut off, his tongue was cut and he showed signs of being electrocuted. He also had a hole in the bottom of his jaw. He continues to have seizures from the electrocution and has emotional issues from being tortured. When he was rescued he was very weak, malnourished, and dehydrated. His physical health has been addressed but he suffers from the torture and is definitely fearful of most humans, especially men. And throughout all of this, he, for whatever reason, loves cats. His rescuer has been working with him and will do what is necessary to give him a better quality of life. He will remain with the rescuer and we have committed to taking care of his medical needs. Unfortunately, this is the life of far too many animals used for the sick pleasure and greed of humans. Without your donations, we could not be there for the most vulnerable. Thank You for your continued support. – diana.
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Tinkerbell – Has 9 Babies; 7 Survived

9/22/21 – On July 28, 2021, I posted about Tinkerbell. She had been adopted out to what was thought a good family but was later found to have been kept on a chain 24/7 and possibly pregnant. She had a severe yeast, skin, and ear infection and had blood in her urine. I realize that most rescues will make sure their rescues are spayed/neutered before adopting out but there are a few, if they feel the adopter is trustworthy, will make other arrangements if the female had not had her first heat. We approved Tinkerbell to be treated for her infections and to get an ultra sound to determine the stage of her pregnancy. Well, now I’d like to report that Tinkerbell had 9 babies on September 14. One puppy was still born and another puppy had severe jaundice and died two days later. There are now 7 puppies who are doing well who will eventually be looking for their furever homes. – diana
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Belia – Kept on a Chain; Owner Was Murdered; Family Didn’t Want Her

9/16/21 – Belia has been kept on a chain for what may be most of her life. Her owner was shot and killed and the family did not want her. She is 11 years old, malnourished, and was allegedly used for breeding. The rescuer was also told that she tested positive for heart worm but if she was, we are not sure if she was ever treated. Belia will be seeing one of our partner vets to confirm the heart worm diagnosis and if she is positive, we will be covering her treatment. We will also be following the doctor’s recommendations as to whether she needs to be spayed, vaccinated, etc. The abuse of dogs and cats in so many rough neighborhoods is heartbreaking. The situations are overwhelming for rescues and shelters. Belia will get love, care, and time to decompress from what appears to have been a horrible life. – diana.
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Paco – He was Being Sold on the Street

9/13/21 – Paco is believed to be a Staffy/Shepherd mix about 10 months old. Unfortunately, he was trying to be sold by someone looking for drugs. A friend of 4p1h was able to get him and contacted us for help with vetting. We will make sure that all of his medical needs are met and the finder will work with him to make sure he trusts humans. It is sad that far too many dogs are used to raise money for nefarious reasons and only God knows what will happen to these animals who find themselves in the hands of dog fighters or worse. – diana
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Jasmine (aka Dixie) – Adopted!

I am way overdue on posting this happy pup date. “Jazzy” (my last foster puppy) now known as “Dixie” is in her fur ever home ♡
She was found as a dumped stray with Parvo Virus and with very aggressive treatment she survived. One of her siblings passed away, and 2 more were treated through 4 paws 1 heart. My Angel girl helped with fostering as she always does.. ♡♡♡
Dixie loves her new family and she blends right in. Thank you to Moore Veterinary Hospital for her care and all who sent 🙏 and positive vibes. She’s definitely a fighter because she was so very sick..
Here are the before and after pics along with the pics of Dixi with her new family ♡
Ginajasmine 7:18:21
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