Walter – Update from His Foster Mom

7/14/21 – Walter Update from our good friend, Melissa. Please remember this sweet boy in your dreams. Also, please remember to maintain your pet’s/pets’ vaccines and prevention. – diana
We are a week post first heartworm injection. Walter is doing well. The first day was torture – he cried all night after I picked him up. We added some pain meds and he turned around pretty quickly. He is on complete rest until his treatment is over which is another 53 days (but who is counting)? He gets a second and third shot (deep into his back muscles) 28 and 29 days after the first. Then it’s 30 more days of complete rest while the heart worms die and his body breaks them down and absorbs them.
He is naturally a really calm dog so we don’t have to crate rest him (plus he goes crazy in the crate). The steroids, pain meds, and gabapentin have made his walking much better also so I don’t have to carry him as much. He loves to chew bones so those have been a great help in keeping him less bored.
My heart breaks for this dog and the treatment he has to endure. It has made me less complacent about ensuring Nali and Jonas get their treatment on time each month.
Here are a few updated pics…

Randy – Found Under a Mattress with Other Debris at the Roadside

7/14/21 – Meet Randy. Friday (July 9) night a young man found him partially under a mattress with other debris at the roadside. He stopped, called 911 & then Streethearts Animal Rescue was called. The injury is not new & the poor, young dog was in so much pain. Streethearts took Randy to a vet the following morning where x rays were taken. There was a concern that his leg was fractured. Fortunately it was not but he had a severe abscess in the joint that had to have a draining tube inserted. He stayed with the vet while that was being completed. He was given antibiotics for a severe infection, pain meds and was tested for heart worm. The doctor thought he might have been in a dog fight 10-14 days ago where the wounds were inflicted. As with so many rescues, Streethearts has been inundated with serious medical cases and we were thankful that we could pay Randy’s bill. Anyone interested in adopting Randy should contact Streethearts Animal Rescue. – diana

Jasmine – Turns the Corner

7/12/21 – My foster puppy Jasmine “Jazzy” has turned the corner and survived Parvo Virus. Huge thank you to Dr Burcham and Staff at Moore Veterinary Hospital for taking good care of her, my friend Maria for taking my calls after hours, Brenda Girard for helping me foster, and the many people who were involved in her transport and recovery.. It takes a village. If you would like to donate we are grateful for any help. We haven’t been able to do fundraising and the need to help stray, dumped, abandoned animals is endless.

Jazzy is a bundle of love, energy, teething, and her cuteness overload makes sleepless nights worth it. She is about 9 weeks old and we believe she is a pitty possibly mixed with American bulldog. Gina
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Zoe – Safe and on her Ride to Freedom

7/10/21 – At 1:45 this afternoon, I received this update from the director of Shelter Angels “Freedom Ride”. Zoe is free and safe and on her way to a second chance at life. Thank you to Diane, Make A Difference Rescue, Ingham County Animal Control Shelter,
Amy Johnson of Teachers’ Pet (who contacted me), and especially Kathleen Hacker of Shelter Angels who picked Zoe up from the Shelter and who will be making sure she recovers and finds her way into a furever home. It truly takes a Village. – diana
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Zoe – Scheduled to be Euthanized for Lack of Isolation Space

7/921 4:30 p.m. Update – It appears we have resolution. I will update tomorrow if and when Zoe is picked up. Thank you to everyone who’s been trying to help.
7/9/21 – I inadvertently deleted the Posting on Zoe, the dog needing assistance at the Ingham County Animal Control Shelter. Here is what was posted. If anyone made offers to help on that post, please post here because unfortunately, when the post was deleted so was all of your comments. A rescue has been in contact with the Shelter and Zoe is safe at this time but placement has still not been worked out.
UPDATE II – Two rescue groups have stepped up, one in which works with that Countty shelter often. Also, the Shelter Director has been great and has been responding to the post on our main page, including mine, and knows that we have help and just a matter of coordinating it. The Shelter does not open until later in the morning but I will update when I hear something.
UPDATE: An experienced rescuer and person who we’ve helped often, has offered to pick up the dog. This person is about 2 hours from the shelter so if there is a rescue willing to pull or an individual who can assist her, please contact Diane: [email protected] message has been left at the shelter and she will be calling as soon as they open. We still may need a rescue to pull; we will see. Please understand that no one should be condemning the municipal shelter. I’ve said this numerous times, municipal shelters cannot refuse intake from their residents or strays found on the streets. They are limited by budgets and facilities. In this case, the dog had to be isolated because ring worm is very contagious. I will continue to keep everyone updated. -diana
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Walter – Starts His Heart Worm Treatment

7/8/21 – Walter Update..
This super handsome boy was in yesterday for his first round of “Heart worm Disease” treatment. We also took spine, hip, and knee x rays because his joints are stiff and he has trouble walking. His knees may have old ACL injuries, he has some arthritic changes in his knees and his back. His hip socket on the left is more shallow than it should be and he has a more noticeable limp on the left leg as well. He is on hip and joint supplements, pain medication, and anti inflammatory meds. We are looking into an “Assisi Loop” which would help him with his pain and stiffness. It’s about $300..
If you have not heard of Heartworm, here is a link explaining it.
Walter is 7 yr old and he will need a forever home. Moore Veterinary Hospital is treating him and once we are finished with his treatment he will be in need of a forever home. ♡ EVERYONE LOVES THIS BOY♡
Thank you, Gina

Jasmine – The Long Fight for Life

7/5/21 – Jasmine is improving by the day. There was some vomit and regurging today but she is eating on her own, playful, and happy. I’m having a hard time deciding on a name, but I thought Darcy was cute. Please keep the positive thoughts coming this girl is a miracle survivor. We will check out her bloodwork tomorrow and make sure everything is ok. Thank you to everyone who has helped her recovery ♡ Gina
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Ariana and Amelia – Update

7/4/21 – Happy Independence Day to our Amazing Supporters!
On this day when we celebrate freedom I want to give a happy update on Ariana and Amelia. They are both doing great as we continue to keep our paws crossed. In fact, Ariana has a furever home lined up when she is medically cleared. She will be trained as a service dog and be the companion for a young boy with autism. – diana
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Jasmine – Continues to Fight Parvo Virus

7/2/21 – Goodmorning ♡
My foster puppy is making huge improvements! She is a strong little fighter. There was a little setback yesterday with some blowout diarrhea, but around 7pm she started to show interest in eating some dry food. Thank u all for the positive vibes!!!!! Gina
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