Sassy was brought in by a concerned resident. She has been feeding Sassy the stray for over a year now. 4p1h tested Sassy for feluk/fiv = Negative, spayed her, and treated her minor injury on her tip of the tail where her vertebrae was exposed. Sassy went back to the resident where she will recover and be released, or maybe even fostered.

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One comment on “Sassy

  1. Sassy is doing well. I haven’t had the heart to put her outside yet, as her tummy was shaved for surgery, along with her tail. There is no fur to protect her skin from the elements. Her brother Sparky is waiting for her to come back outside, although I do let him sneak in to see her. He seems jealous of her being inside. He used to cry to get back outside, but now I have to put him out. If someone is interested in adopting the brother sister team, I know they would warm up to you. He loves to be cuddled! They are a lot of fun to watch and they do eveything together. She grooms him constantly! I wouldn’t want them split up, as they are two peas in a pod!

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