Mr. Tippy

Mr. Tippy had been living outside and being fed by someone. Then, one day he showed up with lameness in his rear leg, and he seemed to be in severe pain.  A local friend was contacted who does rescuing; she contacted me to see if 4 Paws 1 Heart could help and, of course, we did.  X rays were done on the leg and he was diagnosed with an abscess probably the result of a bite wound.  Bite wounds are very painful and they cause infection.  He was sedated so the infection could be cleaned out, we tested him for feluk/fiv, vaccinated him, checked for parasites/treated, and neutered him.

Mr. Tippy is doing great and  went to a co-worker for fostering and adoption.   Good Luck Mr. Tippy!!!

p.s. he got his name because of his white-tipped tail.

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