Another Life Saved

Update 09/28/2012 – The following e-mail was sent by the new dad. ~diana
“Well, it can finally be announced that Cali Purrbox has officially tak
en over the apartment and my heart. She only needed a few hours to come out of hiding and explore my hand, arm, lap, and face. Then it was (and still is) the rest of her new home. During all of these maneuvers, she has purred and talked to me constantly. Her appetite returned yesterday; and, she respects her pan. So, I’d say things are going well, and I thank God for the whole experience that brought us together. So, yadonegoodlady! Will try to keep you updated; but, she just seems to be so normal, an extraordinary feline, you know the results of her amazing journey. Keep up the tremendous work.”

Another Life Saved! A couple of weeks ago I made a 4 Paws 1 Heart presentation to the Mt.Clemens Lion Club. A gentleman who I had met before (Bill) told me that he had been mourning the loss of his cat who had died this past July; but, he was now ready to save another little one.

I told him that I would let him know the next time we were looking for a home. Well, this past week-end Gina received a call from a woman whose grandmother had died and left a six year old, totally declawed, female cat. The granddaughter took in the cat but she also has a couple of children, dogs, and two other cats. Grandma’s cat did not fit in well and had urinating issues because of the trauma and stress. The granddaughter asked Gina if she could find a home for the cat or she would have to take her to the shelter. I immediately thought of Bill. I told him of the situation and, without hesitation, he agreed to take in this soon to be homeless baby. After being examined by the doctor and tested for urinary tract issues, Gina delivered the kitty to Tony and I. This kitty is so sweet and lovable; she kept trying to be petted through the gate of the carrier. We happily delivered this sweetie to her new home and we know that she will be well cared for and loved. May God Watch over this cutie and her new dad. ~ diana

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