Faith Update

Faith Update:  I had the extreme pleasure of meeting this sweetheart today. Not only is she beautiful but she is the sweetest!!! 4 Paws 1 Heart is so thankful to be able to help Faith on her road to recovery. Thank You to A Rejoyceful Rescue and foster mom, Tina, for making this possible. ~ diana

This is Faith, who many have heard about. Her story made the Macomb Daily. A ReJoyceful Animal Rescue has her under their care with Foster Mom Tina. Faith had her first Aquatic session today to help her get used to the water and to learn 

to swim. She ended up having a successful day today as Foster Mom & Dad were there to encourage her and support her. After removing her life jacket, Faith actually did some swimming. Boy! Was she ever proud of herself and feeling good when she was done!! Hopefully we can now move forward with swim sessions intended to help her. A BIG “Thank You” to 4 Paws 1 Heart for donating medical funds for her first round of sessions. We all thank them for contributing to Faith’s care.
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