Ginger Update

Just wanted to share this update on Ginger who was rescued by our friend Lauren Melcher of Vigilante Dog Rescue. We were very happy to be there for Ginger and thrilled that she is doing so well! ~ diana

Ginger update- Ginger just had a follow up vet visit, and to everyone’s amazement and joy, her ear has somehow, against all odds, managed to heal on it’s own to the point where it will not need amputated!! She has also gained quite a bit of weight- over ten pounds!! All her open wounds are healing beautifully, her scabs falling off as old wounds finally fully heal, and her temperment, oh her temperament! She is a loving, happy, completely non-aggressive girl who just LOVES everyone, even when they’re giving her her shots! She is an absolutely wonderful girl who will be looking for her furever home in no time. For now, she will continue making everyone laugh with her antics and goofball personality. THANK YOU to everyone who helped us afford her care- especially 4 Paws 1 Heart, who made an incredible $300 donation to our vet towards her care. There is now one less dog on the streets, suffering, starving, fighting for life, and instead loving her new life as it was truly meant to be. We will post new photos of our gorgeous girl later today- wait till you see what a miracle has transpired!

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