Zoey Spent Her First Ten Years as a Breeder Dog

August 1, 2013: ¬†We’ve reported on Puppy Mills before and the horrors that animals go through with savage breeders. This is Zoey and her story. Zoey was rescued by our good friends at a Hopeful Heart. 4 Paws 1 Heart recently paid for the neutering and spaying of some other dogs recently rescued by A Hopeful Heart from another hoarding situation but we don’t want to publicize their photos at this time. By assisting our friends with the neutering/spaying expenses, they will have the funds needed for the more costly medical needs. You can continue to follow Zoey’s story by checking out Zoey’s fb page. ~ diana

“Zoey spent her first ten years as a breeder dog giving birth to countless litters of puppies. When we received the call about Zoey and hearing her story we knew we had to save her. Zoey and Daisy watched as their mother spent days sick in the barn with no medical attention die alone in a cold barn. Along with Zoey came Daisy, and our home and family welcomed them both. Zoey and Daisy have changed the lives of their family for the better and now we feel it is her time to share her stories. Sadly, there are still over 80 dogs left in that bard and we have no way of getting them out. The animal control officers have turned their backs on these guys and people continue to support the breeder by buying her puppies. If you are wondering why we waited until now to share Zoey’s story, this is when she needs us the most. My promise to her when she came home that she would have the best years of her life in my home and now she may be in the fight for her life. Tonight we left Zoey at our vet, tomorrow morning she will be having her surgery to biopsy a large mass that has grown on her throat. The vet fears for the worse but right now we are focusing on sending her positive healing energy. We want her story heard so one day breeders like the one in White Lake will be stopped.” ~ A Hopeful Heart

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