Sully’s Story

8/28/13  I’m sharing the following story for two reasons — 1) We think so much of Paws For A Cause Feral Cat Rescue, we provided some medical dollars to them in July, knowing they had so many difficult cases. We didn’t post anything at the time although we always want to let our supporters know where the money goes; 2) We thought Sully’s story would be interesting to our supporters in light of what is currently going on with our Keller and having learned about Phaedra and Keller. Here’s Sully’s story — we were glad to help ~ diana

Update on our Sully boy! Well, I started noticing Sully didn’t seem to be seeing out of his good eye as well as I hoped and the eyelids looked abnormal, so off to the vet we went yesterday for a recheck. Good news/Bad news- The good news is he is happy and healthy regardless of his eyes! The bad news is he does not have vision in the remaining eye and the eyelids are not fully formed. This is likely a genetic abnormality, as mom is blind as well. We will wait until he is bigger and ready to be neutered before we decided whether to remove the “good” eye. If Sully can see shadows we will leave the eye in and do reconstructive surgery on the lid instead of a removal. Poor little buddy, but he is running around playing with his new friends and enjoying life:) Mom (Momma Meez) is very scared and unhappy and VERY feral, so we are figuring out the next step with her..

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