Spay and Neuter Rescued Strays

10/25/13: As we’ve told our supporters so many times, as long as 4 Paws 1 Heart has the money, we will never turn down a request to spay or neuter a dog or cat rescued by a good samaritan. Here is the story of Mummee who we were happy to help with spaying, vaccinations, and de-worming. We wish her the very best in finding that forever, loving home. A big thank you to Patterson Veterinary for working with 4P1H. ~ diana

“This is Sweet-Mummee, abused and abandoned as a kitten… she had 2 litters of kittens back to back. By the grace of God, she wasn’t pregnant for the third time. She was extremely underweight when she was captured with her 5 kittens. Now, 2 months later her kittens are all in foster-to-adopt situations and Sweet-Mummee is on the mend. No longer can you see her pelvic bones, and her stool is coming back to the right color, due to rapid weight loss in the past.

When a door is opened this sweet child gets a worried look … Looking at her face, it’s easy to see she is saying; “please don’t throw me outside again”, and at that she runs away from the opened door. For such a young and petite little girl, she has an old soul… When picked up, she purrs like a roaring engine to show her love and appreciation. She is greatly loved, and will require a family that will love and worship her. She prefers NOT to ever have her food bowl empty and enjoys a large water bowl. It’s pure joy watching this child give herself a bath.”

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