R.I.P. Sweet Faith

1/19/14 – We are sorry to report that our little Faith, the sweet Yorkie, did not survive. May you rest in peace, dear Faith, and may you now have lots of fun romping with all of our beloved pets who have gone before us. Thank You, Carrie, for giving our Faith so much of your love! ~ diana

Soup Update

1/19/14 SOUP UPDATE: Soup had a little problem the other day because of overeating and had to see Auntie Gina. But tonight he is back home with his foster mom, Denise. Here’s her message:

“My foster boy Soup! He is such an amazing boy who’s been through a horrible ordeal, and yet he is the most loving cat Ive ever met! Thank you 4 Paws 1 Heart for saving him and everything you are doing for him and so many others! Diana & Gina, you rock!!!” ~ denise