4 Kittens and a 6-Month Old Mom Found in a Dumpster

9/7/14 – When I say it never ends, I mean it!! Our friend, Jo, called last night saying she was called about 5 kittens (about 5 weeks old ?) and a 6-month old (?) found in a dumpster. The person who rescued them from the dumpster said she could only keep them until the shelter opens tomorrow. Thankfully, we have had a couple of 4p1h friends offer to help with fostering and it appears that Penny B. will be helping out until we can find something more permanent. I will report later once everyone is safe and see where we have to go from there. In the mean time here is the photo taken by their rescuer. Our thanks to her for caring! ~ diana

9/10/14 Update – All felines are safe with Penny B. but we are still looking for a foster in that she is already fostering her share of felines.  There was also another 6 month old cat given to the transporter who was not part of the original call.  Please contact Jo Add at joadd18@gmail.com if you can helpdumpsterjoadd kittenfound in dumpsterwyandotte9:7:14

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