Supporting our Rescue Friends – Michigan Cat Rescue

9/7/14 – 4 Paws 1 Heart continues to appreciate our great rescue friends and Michigan Cat Rescue is one of them. When we saw this rescue, we knew we had to help. The first little guy shown here will need eye surgery. So many cats and so few resources. Here is their story: ~ diana

“Meet Una and her siblings. These little kittens were rescued from living under a bush. As you can see, the one kitten (we named Una) is missing an eye. She had a raging eye infection when we found her that destroyed one of her eyes. When she is older and more stable she will need eye surgery to remove that damaged tissue in that eye socket.

Please keep Una in your prayers… their momma was found dead in the street so we bottle fed these kittens to save their lives. 3 of them are available for adoption and will be at the next adoption event.” – Michigan Cat Rescue

 michigan Cat rescue9:2:14 michigancatrescue--9:6:14

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