CLEO – Born With A Deformed Leg

cleo9:23::14This is “Cleo”, Another serious surgery needing our help. Aug. 1st we were contacted for help about the kitten in this video. She was born with a rear leg deformity. We had cleow:rachelgirstner9:22:14her x-ray’s done and the diagnosis from the veterinarian was that the leg would have to be amputated but at this time she is too young.  Here is the original request from her rescuer. ~ diana
“Hi there, my name is Rachel and this is Cleo! She was born with her back left leg deformed & she can’t use it. She is 6 weeks old and sweet as can be! I was hoping that 4 paws 1 heart could help get her the care she desperately needs (we can’t afford the vet bills, unfortunately) and a wonderful forever home! Please contact me either way… I’m desperate to get her help! Thank you so much in advance & we are all so impressed with the amazing work that you do ~ Rachel”!
UPDATE:  We were contacted on Aug. 1st because this baby kitten (born from a stray mom) needed our help, but it was to soon for surgery on her. “Cleo” needs amputation surgery due to a congenital rear leg deformity at birth. Please see video sent to us that I just posted below to understand how she has had to get around for several weeks. We offered to help once she is strong enough for amputation surgery, and that time is just around the corner because her leg is causing her all kinds of problems.  Gina
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