Helena – Update

1/16/14 – Happy TGIF – Just the other day, I was thinking about our sweetheart, Helena. Thank You to the supporters of 4 Paws 1 Heart who made it possible for us to pay the medical treatment which required eye removal, thank you to you, Nicole Norton, for rescuing her, fostering her, and loving her, thank you to Dr. Steve of Healthy Paws Veterinary for always working with us, and thank you to the adoptive parents. I think of Helena often. Here is a posting from Nicole. ~ diana

“Today marks 1 year since I found my sweet Helena. She instantly stole my heart. Found on a brutally cold day so sick and afraid in a junk yard. A ton of people came together to make it possible for me to give her the care and love she needed to make a full recovery. I can’t thank you all enough.
Helena now has the best mom in the world, thank you Jill Johnson for loving her. ~ Nicole”

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