Soup – Attacked While His Head was Stuck in a Soup Can

1/13/15 – Remember Soup? He was found as a stray 1year ago with his head stuck in a soup can? The shaved area on his hind end was because another animal crushed his pelvis. Unable to defend himself, he cried and crawled until someone heard him and contacted us for help. I took him home to recover from his shattered pelvis (12 weeks to officially heal), and this December made one year fostering him. Longest foster ever in my home. I’m very happy to report that Soup will be going to his forever home this Friday. I will miss him dearly, but this family is wonderful for him! They are perfect, he is Soup January, 2014 soup1:13:15perfect, and he will get the love and attention he deserves. We are so blessed to have given him a 2nd chance especially after being found on the street unable to walk. Gina

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