Update – The First Hypothermia Cases of 2015

1/6/15 – I’m very sorry for the late update on these 2 Hypothermia Cases we took under our wing late last night.. I do have good and bad news. The good news is they are both alive thanks to teamwork and round the clock care from the Animal Urgent Care Staff.
The owner of the white stray has been contacted, and they are on the way to pick him up. I am disappointed that they let him out in the front yard with no protection from being hit by a car, stolen, or running away ( which is how he wound up freezing for almost 48 hrs and nearly dead). Hopefully, this will be a lesson learned, but I’m sorry to say this happens way to often and I’m not expecting much.
The Beagle made it through the night and he is still very homeless:( He is also an old guy…we don’t know how old. We did several tests and are now doing some bloodwork, but he needs a warm cozy home to go to. He is eating and drinking good. If someone can open their ♡ and home up to him please contact us. There is a reason he is alive.
I will also be calling the AWESOME police officers that went out of their way to bring him to emergency late last night. That’s called compassion for life!!! They are a good example of how all Police Departments should be! ~ gina
2015-foundinthecold-warren2015 found in the cold eastpointe

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