Draco Update

4/28/15 – Draco update.draco4:28:15 Our little friend was becoming anemic so we ran several more tests, but still no answers as to a cause:( Upon radiographs there was a suspicious area that looked like metal, which can cause anemia, so Dr. Maria operated a few nights ago. Draco had no foreign object seen during exploratory surgery. He is in recovery and he is doing well. Today he is set to go to a potential home. We were not successful finding his family. Unfortunately we suspect he definitely had a home at some point because he is a humongous lover boy. It appears as tho he has been on the streets for a while. Torn ear, emaciated, and front declawed I’m amazed he survived!! Huge thanks to the good Samaritan Robert that brought Draco in to us for help. We need more people like him who step up and reach out to these abandoned animals on the streets. Gina

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