Odin – Hit By A Car – Now looking for a Home to Call His Own

4/30/15 – Odin needs a home! Our little pitty/beagle (possibly), mix named Odin, is waiting for that perfect fit to come along… Odin has already shown enormous strength and will to survive. He was hit by a car and suffered trauma to his spine. He is making strides every day, and he’s a huge lover. He is just an amazing rescue that gives me so much hope. I’ve been very fortunate to have the experience of helping him, and that could not have happened without the awesome doctors I’ve consulted with over Odin. Dr. Maria Rivera at Animal Urgent and Critical Care, Dr. Maddy Lutz at Advanced Animal Emergency, Dr. Pam Graves also at Animal Urgent and Critical Care, and Dr. Tari Kern at Pawsitive Steps Rehabilitation & Therapy for Pets. For information please email me at gina.4paws1heart@gmail.comodin4:30:15odin4:30:15::

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