Scam Alert Update – “Four Paws” Alleged Worldwide Organization

5/27/15 Update on potential scam alert from St. Clair Shores Councilwoman, Candice Rusie:

“4 Paws 1 Heart – City Clerk Mary Kotowski responded back that this other Four Paws group did not apply for or get a solicitation permit in SCS. If anyone knows exactly what group this was (like if you received written info from them), let me know so we can have the City Clerk contact them regarding our permit requirements. If anyone gets them on their porch again and they do not have a permit, please call police non-emergency ((586) 777-6700) – people seeking to get money or sell something need a permit in St. Clair Shores so we know who is going door to door looking for cash or to conduct a business transaction. (Just to spread information re something like politics or religion is an exception.) If there is a car available, an officer will ticket them and make them stop soliciting until a permit is obtained.”

1,216 people reached
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