Harsen’s Rescuer Speaks Out

5/15/15 – As most of us know who follow and use Facebook, many postings do not reach everyone and often individual posts get lost in the thread. In our posting about Harsen, our sweet baby, caught in a leg trap and who has now crossed the Rainbow Bridge, I saw a posting by his rescuer, ‘the construction worker’. I wanted to share this posting so that most of our friends could see it. For every minute that I, at times say I hate humans, there are 60 minutes when I say, ‘Thank God for Humans” Thank You, Jeffrey. You are the person that all should emulate. ~ diana

“Jeffrey Syrocki
I’m the construction worker mentioned, it breaks my heart that Harsens didn’t make it through, but theirs joy in my heart to know he is not suffering any more. This post brought me to tears!!! As I look at the cat that we rescued 2 winters ago playing and happy, waiting for me to come home and rubbing up on me and meowing. Warms my heart to see her play and be healthy. So sorry Harsens didn’t make it but maybe the next can with great people like everyone mentioned working together to help these animals. Thank God for good people who take time from their busy lives to help out!!! Thank you all and God Bless Harsens and welcome him into your arms smile emoticon God bless all the people who try and often succeed. Thank you for giving us the strength to make a difference for these dear sweet animals !!!!!”Harsen-caughtin leg trap 5:14:15

Chance – Getting Stronger Every Day

5/15/15 – chance5:15:15Please check out our baby’s page “A Second Chance for Chance” and see the amazing video of him walking. Before calling Dr. Kern, the other veterinarians who saw Chance recommended euthanizing him. They said he would never walk and his quality of life would be zero. Today he is using his litter box (with a little assistance), getting so many visitors his foster mom needs to pass out numbers (lol), he has a huge personality (as you can see from his posts), and he is starting to WALK!!! I love you Chance. ~ Aunt Di

“Ok ok mom, Im getting up! Soooo today I have an early appointment with Dr. Kern atPawsitive Steps Rehabilitation & Therapy for Pets. I just love my Dr. Kern! Im taking lots of my new toys with me to show her how good I use my back legs to do my stealth mode army crawl to sneak up on them! I’ll get my playtime, my massage, my acupuncture & laser. Yep, love me some Dr. Kern  I also love my 4 Paws 1 Heart! Without them, we dont know what would have happened to me! 4 Paws 1 Heart provides medical dollars for abused, neglected & abandoned & homeless animals. They get them better, help them find great rescues and fosters like my mom. And eventually when the purrrrfect family comes along we go to our forever homes! So please check out 4 Paws 1 Heart facebook page and give them a like!!!! Ok mom Im ready for my bath, lets get ready to go!!!! Chop chop!!! More coffee mom? Really???? Geesh! Have a great day everybody, gotta go light a fire under her butt! Meow for now, love Chance “

Simone – Helping Our Friends at Tigerlily Cat Rescue

5/14/15 – Meet Simone who is with our good friends, Tigerlily Cat Rescue. Simone was rescued along with his mom and his litter mates and was the only one with an infection so severe he had to be taken immediately to surgery where his eye was removed. 4 Paws 1 Heart is so thankful to have friends like Tigerlily who have helped not only cats who have come into our organization but who have also been helping with the cats surrendered during the protests at the Humane Society of Macomb. We were happy to help with little Simone’s surgery. Say an extra prayer for this little one and watch his progress on the Tigerlily facebook page. ~ dianatigerlily::::5:14:15 tigerlily5:14:15

Molly & McGee Update – Caged For Weeks in a High Kill Shelter

5/14/15 – A Molly and McGee Update from foster Mom, Patricia. Please continue to pray for these babies. They spent 13 days in a kill room at the Humane Society of Macomb. My heart swells to see them free and fighting to live. ~ diana

“Molly and Mcgee…….it’s playtime!! We took some time out to play today and Mcgee’s favorite is a soft ball thingy with feathers on it. And Molly still has that hunter instinct in her, she caught herself a mouse! Mcgee is doing good on putting on weight, right now he has added well over one pound but Molly seems to just be holding her own. I have now put her on a 3 hour feeding schedule to help. Keep up the prayers for Molly, no where out of the woods until I see some weight gain. I will say this….Molly is feisty, stubborn and down right defiant and has attitude! But I say that is a good thing! ~ Jennell”molly5:14:15 mcgee5:13:15

Harsen – Caught in an Inhumane Leg Trap

5/14/15 PART II – In mid afternoon, I received another emergency call. A construction worker on Harsens Island, MI found a cat whose paw was caught in one of those inhumane traps. (see photo). The construction worker immediately left the island with the cat to meet our friend, rescuer, Debbie N. Not knowing what condition this poor animal was in and afraid he would be going into shock, we made arrangements for Harsen (my name for him) to be taken to a vet. -We are very fortunate to have veterinarians who will work with us on a moments notice.- Harsen was given morphine and the doctor advised that Harsen’s leg would have to be amputated. In that Harsen was at that point medicated and stabilized, Debbie N. waited until the Animal Urgent and Critical Care Center opened and Gina and the doctor on duty could take over. Our poor little Harsen was in very poor condition, and, then Gina called me with even worse news — Harsen tested positive for feline leukemia! And even considering that, his white blood cell count was very, very low. His already compromised condition would be further compromised and the risk for infections, even if he made it through the amputation surgery, was very high. You can imagine how we were all feeling — Gina, Dr, Graves, Debbie N. and I. The poor little guy had probably spent the last couple of days dragging that trap around, in severe pain. Should we put this poor guy (maybe 5 to 8 years old), who had already been through so much, through the risk of surgery and weeks of hospitalization for what would be potentially a short life ending very painfully because of the leukemia OR should we give him comfort and let him cross the Rainbow Bridge. We eventually decided it would be best for Harsen to let him join the many beloved animals who have gone before him. We know that he is now without pain running on all four legs without pain or fear of what humans can do. —- On a side note, the construction worker (what a caring person!!) reported the situation to a DNR representative and was told that these traps were used by individuals to trap coyotes. The traps are supposed to be tagged and removed by a certain date. I don’t know much else about the who, what, or where. That’s all I know is that this is the third time I have been involved in this type of situation and I still can’t understand why any human would use this kind of torture equipment for ANY animal. These should be illegal to use and once again, it is all about laws and demanding more from your legislators as it pertains to animal welfare and animal rights. RIP our little Harsen~ dianaHarsen-caughtin leg trap 5:14:15 Harsen'slegtrap

Roxie – 4 Pawed Declawed and About to be Thrown Out for the Second Time

5/14/15 – PART I – Yesterday was quite the heart tugging, heart breaking day. It started with authorizing 8 cats from various sources to be spayed/neutered, etc. and then I got a 911 during a meeting. A beautiful Tuxedo cat named Roxie was once again going to be thrown outside. We reported on Roxie a couple of weeks ago. She is the female whose family was evicted and she was left behind — 4 paws declawed!!! There wasn’t any spaces open amongst some of the fosters typically used, so Roxie was put into a home with an elderly lady without any other animals who likes to foster. Yesterday, her family contacted Jo A (the rescuer) and said they were putting Roxie outside unless she was picked up immediately. Thankfully, our Board member and friend, Angela, took her in. This morning she is doing great and all of her fear has seemed to go away. Because this little one has gone through so much, we are giving her time to decompress and get used to the good life with Angela and her fur team. She will be available for adoption real soon and we will continue to report on her progress.Roxie5:14:15

Helping Our Friends – Ferndale Cat Shelter

5/13/15 – We are happy to help our great rescue partners during this time of critical need. The Ferndale Cat Shelter has done a tremendous job, since their recent start up, in rescuing and finding homes for hundreds of cats and we are thankful that we could help them with neutering/spaying 10 cats. Check out their Facebook page and send a thank you for helping many of our independent rescue friends with homing cats they have rescued. ~ dianaferndalecatshelter5:13:15

Paddy – Upper Respiratory Infection May Result in Eye Removal

5/12/15 – Meet Paddy and his story from his foster mom, Jacque. 4 Paws 1 Heart is happy to pay for Paddy’s visit to our favorite eye specialist, Dr. Easton of Veterinary Vision of Rochester. ~ Diana

“Paddy was born around March 17. He was brought to Fortunate Felines Adoption League. We don’t have much information on him. When I got him, both eyes were swollen and crusted shut. His left eye was hugely swollen. I tried for 2 days to clean the crust off enough to get eye drops in. Both were leaking clear liquid so fast, they would stick shut fast. He was so little and so scared.
Once I got his eyes open, both were milky white. His 3rd eye was also stuck shut. A friend of mine told me to try brewing some tea and cool it off and wipe his eyes with it. Within a day, he could open them. But his 3rd eye was still down. He still can’t see out of the one eye. The other is very limited. He is playful and very sweet. He loves to sit on my lap and at my feet. He is 1lb. 1 oz as of last week. He just purrs away. He has had his 1st shots. His veterinarian feels the left eye ruptured but that Paddy should see a specialist before having his eye removed. ~ Jacque”Upppaddy:::w:jacquetiege5:12:15 paddy5:12:15