Fatboi – Afraid He Was Dying, His Mom Was Desperate For Help

8/14/15 – So many of our good friends came together to help this poor baby. ~ diana

“A very special shout out today to Ms Diana of this group and all the team, if it were not for them, Fatboi would have nver have gotten to the vet, Healthy Paws Veterinary Medical Center in Westland. She arranged everything from medical care to a very special transportation volunteer Ms Rachel Gerstner. She has been on the phone with me from the wee morning this morning till the episode was over tonight. I cannot ever thank this group enough, after going through everything I went thru since Tuesday till now, these two ladies saved my sanity. I thought my best friend/protector/American Bulldog Baby was going to die. I was going to lose my mind. I contacted this group and within a two-three hour period had a vet visit secured and transportation. I love you guys. I cannot ever thank u enough. If our country , states and cities would come together like these people did today, the USA would be a wonderful place to live. They came together for a dog they did not even know. Fatboi is resting comfortably tonight only after they came to his rescue. He ended up with a very upset GI tract, an ear infection, and the start of arthritis. God Bless This Goup Of People. Fatboi and I love you. ~ Lauren T.fatboiw:laurentipinski8:13:15

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