Onyx – Fighting For Her Life

8/12/15 – onyx8:12:15Onyx is getting tons of love while we look for her forever home. She was diagnosed with severe pancreatitis and possible internal bleeding. She needed a plasma transfusion, exploratory surgery, and lots of recovery. When we thought she was on the mend she developed Vasculitis. Needless to say she has been our little project, but we love her. Rescue is about finishing what you start and when we agreed to hospitalize Onyx we were in it till the end. We didn’t expect her health to take us on an emotional and financial rollercoaster, but veterinary medicine is not black and white. Onyx has made daily improvement during her health issues and she has remained strong. There are no more complications to our knowledge so she’s ready! It’s because of our doctors Onyx is alive. We are blessed (to say the least), for the many veterinary hospitals who respect us and our mission as we do them. Their professionalism, compassion, and understanding is priceless. These are doctors who come in on their personal time, take our animals home if needed, do emergency surgery in the wee hours of the night, etc. They don’t have to…but they do. Unfortunately, these same doctors are insulted, criticized, yelled at, taken advantage of, and disrespected by many owners who shouldn’t have a pet to begin with. Sometimes it’s just owners upset and lashing out. Other times it’s anger towards veterinary costs. People don’t realize these doctors witness animal abuse and neglect on a daily basis. They shed tears when having to put a sick puppy, kitten, pregnant animal, elderly animal or injured animal to sleep. They are human, they have families, bills, and they have lives of their own outside of their profession. However, they always remain positive and available to save your animals life. Gina

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