Elliot – RIP Sweet Boy – You Can Now Be With Your Mom

12/18/15 – RIP Sweet Elliot. Many of our friends might remember the very sad story of Sabrina. She worked at a veterinary and loved animals. Sadly, she was murdered in her home by an evil person who lived in the flat below her. Left behind were six beautiful cats. Sabrina’s good friend, Natalie, took on the effort to find homes for the babies who were suddenly left without their mom. 4 Paws 1 Heart helped with anything medical that they needed and promoted them. We were all on WDIV in hopes we could encourage adoptions. Some of Sabrina’s babies were adopted but others remained in foster with Natalie. Last night, Natalie called me — Elliot was in trouble. This 5 year old baby suddenly lost use of his legs and he was panting heavily. In that we made a commitment to Sabrina’s babies, we sent Elliot to Gina where he was found to be in heart failure. Unfortunately, Elliot had to be humanely euthanized. We try to believe that Sabrina just needed one of her babies to keep her company and that is why Elliot left this world so soon. We know that his best friend, Clive, will miss him. Elliot left this world in love and for that I believe Sabrina will be very thankful. ~ dianaElliot xmas

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