Carlos – He Could Have Died After a Burst Tumor

2/2/16 – Only through your donations can we make miracles happen. Meet our latest miracle, Carlos.

This is Mr. CarlosCarlos2:2:16Although we didn’t know much at the time we got involved, this very sweet boy had some real challenges. We don’t want to go into too much detail because of the manner in which 4 Paws 1 Heart became his savior but let me just say, the hospital staff fell in love with him and we had to give him a chance. The information we eventually received indicated that when Carlos was a kitten, he had a tumor that needed removal and it resulted in most of his tail being amputated. Fast forward 5 to 6 years later, and once again, a tumor developed and went unnoticed until it burst. At that point, Mr. C was very much in danger and, once again, needed almost immediate surgery. After three days of being held in a hospital waiting while money could be raised for his operation, we were called in to help. On the fourth day, Carlos’ burst tumor was removed and the remaining stump of his tail was amputated. He went to a great foster home the next day for recovery. Thankfully, his foster mom has had a great deal of experience with recovering animals and within a couple of days noticed that Carlos was not moving his bowels. Carlos again had to be returned to the hospital where it was determined that he was blocked. Again, a very dangerous situation for a little guy which resulted in another overnight stay in the hospital. Carlos  is now doing well. He is warming up to the foster house and is starting to heal. We still do not know anything about the tumor but we should get results this week. Once again, it was the work and donations of a village which saved this sweet guy’s life. He will one day need a forever home who can make sure he will never be in this position again. Remember, when you take on the responsibility of a life, it comes with a commitment to provide food, shelter, love, and medical treatment. ~ diana

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