Tobi – Lost His Leg as a Result of Being Hit By Car Because He Wasn’t Leashed

5/4/17 – A large passion of mine has always been awareness and education because I feel that is where it starts. The pics we post can be graphic to some, but if it can assist in saving a life then I have accomplished my goal. This 6 month old puppy is an example of a pup that was let off leash. I am against letting an animal freely roam unrestrained in an unfenced area. It takes only one second for something to go terribly wrong so why allow that to happen if you can prevent it? Stabilization, surgery, and recovery for a dog hit by a car can cost an average of 1-10 grand and that is IF they make it. Unless you have the cash and are willing to take the risk of your pets life, you should be more responsible. This 6 month old pup lost his leg and we were fortunate to be able to help him, but he could’ve easily lost his life. Please, don’t allow your animal off the leash. Gina

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